How do customers perceive your corporate culture?

A company is all about people, when we take people out of the company we just have a building with a lot of stuff in it. People create the company and as individuals we live from our paradigms, everyone with his of her own truth and logic. Our paradigm controls our logic because we are programmed to do things in a certain way. Our logic keeps us in the place where we are now and that is why we often think that new ideas aren’t possible because they don’t sound logical according to our paradigms. In the law of polarity we know that we can have positive results or negative. By changing our paradigm we can get other results. And through repetition of the new paradigm in our subconscious mind the old negative paradigm will be taking over by the new one.

TIR quote: “Paradigms control our behavior, behavior produces results”

When we talk about corporate culture, we mean a group paradigm. This paradigm is also a multitude of habits and everyone new in the company will become part of the culture. When companies want to raise the bar, improve their results, it is good to know how the staff and leaders think, look, talk about and act in the company. We have to help everyone to dug deep in their subconscious mind in order to get a insight about which collective habit pattern needs to be changed.

“People do not resist change, when it is their choice. People resist being changed:” Michael Basch

For example: When I visit a store and people talk about others in my presence, I know they will talk about me too when I will be gone. It doesn’t give a good feeling and the store can loose customers because of this habit. I always ask myself what is wrong in this firm, why does the staff project their problems at situations and clients? At the other hand when I visit a company where employees take time for me behave friendly and understanding, I will be back frequently. I know and sense that employees get involved in creating a new corporate culture because they are excited and radiate fun.

When the corporate culture starts to change it improves the company and also the life of the individuals in the company. They replace the negative through positive and at a personal level things will be improved too. Because of the fact that the company habits changed, the company created a new Image.

Start creating good automatic in your company too and everyone will benefit.


Por Jeannette Knoppers,

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