25 Quick Tips to Involve Your Staff in Customer Experience

Looking for ways to increase revenue, decrease cost and knock your competitors out of your way? It’s time to get serious about your Customers! It’s not about providing good service, it’s about providing a WOW service. It’s about keeping great staff, getting your customers talking, measuring results, making changes and taking advantage of the many resources that will help you and your team along the way.

25 Quick Tips to Involve Your Staff in Customer Experience

It all starts with your staff!    Just think, 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. (RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report).   If increasing revenue is the goal, then it’s time to pay attention to staff.  Here are 25 quick tips to jump start your customer experience strategy.

1. Great Customer Service all starts with building and keeping a great team
2. Employee retention directly ties into Customer Retention – you can only deliver excellence with excellent staff
3. Utilize assessments to build benchmarks & to select the right person
4. Soft skills such as empathy and the ability to connect matter just as much as experience
5. You don’t have to pay the most to get the most – build a positive culture
6. Look at benefits as part of the cost to keep your best staff
7. Provide ongoing training and personal development opportunities
8. Help and motivate your staff to become more productive
9. Encourage career growth
10. Reward staff for referrals and repeat sales
11. Invest in the right resources to manage the customer experience
12. Micromanage the customer experience – train & deliver consistency
13. Get staff engaged on social media
14. Create company-wide recognition tied directly to customer experience
15. Every single employee impacts the customer experience – it’s the common thread in every organization
16. Invite staff feedback and suggestions – ideas on how to deliver exceptional customer service
17. Get rid of or redirect fear mongering managers
18. Provide on-going staff feedback, don’t wait for annual reviews
19. Terminate toxic staff – immediately!
20. Share your vision/mission with staff
21. Involve your staff in a non-profit mission – great team building while giving back to the community
22. Give customers a way to share great experiences with staff
23. If a customer complains about an employee, don’t jump to conclusions, get the full story before reacting
24. Create communication templates to make it easier for staff to follow up with customers
25. Provide clear instructions and process for staff to follow – don’t make them “wing it”

Por Terri Schepps – Customer Surveys, Customer Experience Consultant, Account Manager, Strategic Marketing

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